Elegant Restaurant, 29 Vo Thi Sau – Hue City

Fresher and tastier




Our Mission

Serve customers with the best quality




 Honest, respect, solidarity, and follow the plan


  Encourage the creativity and continually innovate


All decisions based on observing the reality


  Have responsibility with society and protect environment




“Serve customers with the best quality”

With the critaria: 'all for customers benefit' when they visit Elegant Restaurant and using our products and services, we have a commitment from within the staff who are working at Elegant Restaurant is our goal is NOT for profits. But for customer's utmost satisfaction, we want to bring great experiences to our customers about local cuisine, food hygiene, excellent service and we also would like to creat opportunities for them to interact with local people – our restaurant's staff.



“Honest, respect, solidarity, and follow the plan”

Having thought and acting properly, respect the differences and the diversity, working harmoniously to gain the best working environment for each individual at Elegant Restaurant. Planned actions have been agreed to achieve the highest levels of performance.

"Encourage the creativity and continually innovate"

 With the mission of "Serve customers with the best quality" we always encourage our staffs have creativity and innovation at work in order to create benefits for our customers, to help them understand and enjoy local cuisine, explore culture, custom and people in Hue city.

“All decisions based on observing the reality”

By the ability to observe and learn from the needs of customers when they use the services at Elegant Restaurant, from which we will make our decisions in accordance with the needs of  customers to achieve maximum satisfaction from them.

"Have responsibility with society and protect environment"

Responsible to local communities in recruiting and training personnel, importing fresh foods, ingredients from the local area, helping disadvantage people and environmentally awareness protection by participating in volunteer activities such as keeping Hue city clean.